Paul Maxwell

Gallery Exhibitions ( Partial List )
The Art Collector
Billy Hork Galleries
Black Swan Gallery
C.G. Rein Galleries
Chapman Kelly Gallery
Culturati Art Gallery
David Findlay Gallery
Felix Landau Gallery
Fred Dorfman Gallery
Galerie Image
Galerie Tortue
House Gallery
Houshang Gallery
Irv Fischer Gallery
J-Michael Galleries
Jack Meyer Gallery
Joanne Chappell Gallery
Joanne Perse Gallery
Laura Paul Galleries
Le Corbier Gallery
Meredith Long
Miranda Galleries
Owl 57 Gallery
Patrician Gallery
Sande Webster Gallery
Sher Gallery
Sol Del Rio Gallery
Sydney Dance Co. Studio Gallery
Talisman Gallery
Valley House Gallery
San Diego, California
Chicago, Illinois
Perth, W.A., Australia
Scottsdale, Arizona
Dallas, Texas
Brussels, Belgium
New York, New York
Los Angeles, California
New York, New York
Lausanne, Switzerland
Paris, France
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Dallas, Texas
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Edina, Minnesota
Houston, Texas
San Francisco, California
St. Louis, Missouri
Cincinnati, Ohio
La Jolla, California
Houston, Texas
Laguna Beach, California
Woodmere, New York
Atlanta, Georgia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hallandale, Florida
San Antonio, Texas
Sydney, N.S.W., Australia
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Dallas, Texas

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