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Paul Maxwell has produced limited edition works since 1950.

Maxwell learned silk screen printing while serving in the Air Force during World War II and began printing small editions in the silk screen medium when he established his studio in Los Angeles in 1950.

In 1957 thru 1958, while teaching at the Houston Museum of Art (Texas) and the University of Houston, Maxwell produced a series of off-set lithographs, which prompted him to want to learn stone lithography. With that end in mind, he moved to Lausanne, Switzerland, to study stone lithography in a studio where editions were being printed for Jacques Villon, Hans Erni and other notable European artists.

Maxwell was stimulated by his Lausanne experience to return to the U.S. and to devote himself to printmaking.

He settled in Dallas, Texas in 1964, where he began experimenting with some new acrylic mastics and paints. This led to his patenting of a process for printing multiple edition works in very heavy relief.

These "pochoir" relief prints soon constituted a major portion of Maxwell's output. He continues to use silk screen and lithography in his printmaking.

In 1983, however, he began to devote himself primarily to painting and sculpture. Maxwell now introduces, only two new editions of multiples per year, on avearge.

These editions are relatively small in number.

Maxwell's recent multiples have been mostly mixed-media wall sculptures, which assimilate the pochoir printing techniques, screen-printing and various constructivist techniques, on wood or on canvas.

These mixed-media multiples are produced in editions of ten (10) usually and each one is individually colored, which gives each work a uniqueness uncharacteristic of most multiples.

On the occasion of going on-line with Maxwell's art, Culturati is introducing one new edition of pochoir relief prints. Its title is "Triad".

"Triad" is printed in an edition of fifty (50) numbered pieces on 300 lbs. d'Arches 100% rag paper (28" x 22"). There are five (5) artist's proofs and five (5) hors de commerce.

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