"Red Divider"
Code #725
22" x 30"
Multiple Original Limited Edition of 150
Pochoir Acrylic Relief on 100% ragpaper
(U.S.) $700.

"Red Divider" is a literal, factual description of the central visual element in this piece. Nowhere in the work is there an intentional reference to anything outside of the work. Most of its mosaic of shapes have an impressive thickness, suggesting that they are objects in themselves. Even the heavy, hand-made, rag paper, with its rich deckle edge, draws attention to itself as substrate - as an object.

Does this mean we look at "Red Divider" coldly, without emotion? I could easily have named this work "Red Divider/A Poem". It's a visual poem which speaks of the artist's love of texture and relief and white- ness and subtlety and symmetry and directness - and of dividing a field with a red segment!

"Red Divider" is, literally, an expression of love!

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