"Divided Area"
44" x 36"
Painting/Acrylic on Hardboard
(U.S.) $ 11,000
This is a "literalist" work, the title of which stresses the facts of its objective existence. Its "object-ness" is underscored by holes puncturing its surface to reveal the layering and depth of its materials. The title matter-of-factly states that the 44 x 46 inch area of the work's top surface is divided.

This matter-of-factness, however, is a sharp contrast to my response to the work. "Divided Area" is a visual poem. I love its dark, subtle "you have to study me" quality. "Divided Area" is a first cousin to my "method of exhaustion" series which was inspired by the "pre-calculus" method of meassuring and irregularly shaped area by filling it to "exhaustion" with repetitions of a very small shape of known dimensions, then totaling their combined areas. The visual effect is a rich fabric of lines, textures and shapes.


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